Port Chester Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Did you know that dryer vents build up large amounts of lint over time that lead to a fire? Lint-X is here to inform you and provide a solution to the common issue of dryer vent related fires. 

A build of lint can clog the dryer vent, leaving it with nowhere to go. The more clogged the dryer vent gets, it increases the risk of a fire due to the dryer overheating. Lint-X provides dryer vent cleaning services to the residents of Port Chester to avoid this issue, however there are more benefits as well. By thoroughly suctioning and sweeping the dryer vents, it results in increased dryer performance. This performance increase also leads to a longer lifespan for your dryer. Lint-X also cleans the dryer filters, traps, internal ducting, and cabinet area as part of this service. We go above and beyond the traditional practices of dryer vent cleaning to provide our clients with quality service that exceeds expectations. To see how serious dryer vent cleaning is, view our photo gallery that details the dangers stemming from clogged dryer vents. 

Performance and longevity are key components of households. Schedule a booking with Lint-X’s Port Chester office to optimize the safeness, as well as the performance of your dryer with our dryer vent cleaning service!