We can help! Long drying times can be frustrating. When your dryer’s exhaust system becomes clogged or otherwise obstructed the heat and moisture in your laundry cannot escape the dryer drum. Your clothes dryer essentially becomes a clothes oven and is baking your clothes. The dryer can overheat and damage internal components. These drying conditions are hazardous and can lead to a dryer fire.

Your dryer vent system is most likely to blame if your clothes have been taking longer and longer to dry. So long as your dryer IS HEATING we recommend saving on the cost of an appliance repair person and instead have the dryer vent cleaned. If your dryer IS NOT heating you may need both a dryer vent cleaning and dryer repair.

Our trained technicians will check your ventilation system to isolate the area of blockage and work to resolve the issue so we can maximize your dryer’s performance.