Picture this: your clothes dryer isn’t drying nearly as fast as it once did. In fact, it’s taking FOREVER to dry and you have to run it up to 3 times to dry a load of laundry. Surely it’s time for a new dryer right? So you purchase a new dryer, maybe even a top of the line model costing you $1,000 or more. You can’t wait to run that first load of laundry in your new, shiny dryer and once again catch a whiff and the feel of warm, clean, soft, dry laundry.

Beep! beep! beep! bop! whir! swoosh! And the dryer runs its first cycle and out comes that first load and, and, and… it’s still WET! So you run it again and you get the SAME result. What’s going on? At least the dryer’s under warranty. So you call the appliance dealer and after several days of waiting and a visit from an appliance repair technician you are told, “there’s nothing wrong with your dryer. Your dryer vent needs to be cleaned. The dryer vent is really dirty so the heat and moisture can’t escape the dryer. Call Lint-X.”

At this point you’re beginning to realize that maybe you didn’t need a new dryer after all. Maybe the old dryer was just fine and all you really needed was for your dryer vent system to be professionally cleaned. And in most cases you would be right. If your dryer is heating and its drum is turning but your laundry is taking FOREVER to dry what you need is Lint-X dryer vent cleaning. Of course your current dryer may be satisfactory and you just want to upgrade to the latest and greatest top of the line dryer and that’s just fine with us. But we’d still recommend a dryer vent cleaning by Lint-X so your brand new dryer will perform at its utmost potential.

Hope we hear from you soon!

Charlie Gossett

Lint-X Inc.