Dryer Vent Cleaning

Keep your home and family safe from a potential dryer fire.  Dry your clothes with total peace of mind. 


Step 1. We clean your dryer duct end-to-end using an extra powerful, purpose-built vacuum and duct sweeping equipment.  There is no more thorough technique than the one we use. 


Step 2. We clean the lint buildup inside your clothes dryer.  This additional cleaning includes:

  • Lint filter 

  • Lint trap 

  • Internal dryer ducting 

  • Cabinet area below the drum (where the motor and heating element are located).  Click here to see our video for more information on the importance of this step.


Maximize dryer performance


Minimize drying time 


Reduce the fire hazard

Reduce utility bills

Reduce wear and tear on clothing

Prolong dryer life

Dryer vent cleaning Lint-X.jpg