LintBusters is now Lint-X
We have renamed under the same ownership

After 10 years of providing dryer vent cleaning and installation services as LintBusters we decided to change our name to Lint-X.  


In the spring of 2016 we made a decision to expand LintBusters.  It became apparent that in order to expand we had to start promoting more than ever.  But we soon realized we didn't have a professional looking brand to promote.  So we sought professional help to upgrade our image.  During this process we discovered that over the last 10 years many other "LintBusters" dryer vent cleaning companies had opened across the country.  To avoid future confusion or legal issues we felt it would be best to rename the company.  

Our commitment to providing the best dryer vent cleaning service is stronger than ever and now we have a brand to match.  We hope you like the new look.



Charlie Gossett